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  • 2018 dragon carving mini character engraving machine attends

    Abstract: on May 8-10, 2018, at the 21st Beijing international advertising “sixin” exhibition held at sanyuanqiao old international exhibition in sanyuanqiao, Beijing, londiao digital control will present a high-end mini character engraving machining center on site. From May 8 to 10, ...
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  • How to solve the problem of the advertising engraving machin

    First, the advertising engraving machine spindle motor is hot: Solution: First check if the pump is working, and if you want to see if the circulating water is low.      Second, I feel that the motor has no strength and can’t turn: Solution: Check the circuit to check if the motor line is o...
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  • How to choose a carving machine

    First, the classification of engraving machine:     From the functional point of view, the computer engraving machine is divided into two categories: small power engraving machine and high power engraving machine.     The low-power engraving machine refers to an engraving machine with a small eng...
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  • March 2018 exhibition

    March 2018 exhibition

    When: March 9 to 11, 2018 venue: Shanghai national convention center pavilion Exhibitor: Beijing longdiao weiye digital control equipment co. LTD Exhibition models: cutting, punching metal (aluminum, stainless steel plate) engraving machine, automatic blade change to make mini word, acrylic free ...
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