Six reasons why a wood engraving machine is out of position

Wood engraving machine


The phenomenon when the carver carving machine is dislocated is common. There are many problems and many components involved, which is a difficult problem to solve. After years of practical experience, Longdiao summarized the following aspects for your reference:

1. Driving reason: the electronic components within the drive itself or the structure with problems may cause dislocation, for which, the maximum; If the number of occurrences is small and the rate of discharge is low, sometimes the normal engraving does not show that the drive is completely broken, if the engraving instruction on the boot drive is completely misaligned, or worse, you can repair the drive.

2.Reason: The voltage in the power of the work required, if the supply voltage is too low drive enough electricity to achieve will lead to dislocation engraving machine, can reach the toy axis, this phenomenon may be an external voltage is not enough, or someone in the use of high power devices such as welding on the same line, to solve a very good method is to install 50000 watts of power, but the wrong power supply range cannot be more than 5%, the best is less than 3%.

3. Reason of interface board, main board and transfer board: if the interface board, main board and joint board are broken, the wood engraving machine works in the process and does not move in a certain direction or three shafts, thus causing dislocation carving.

4. Main shaft motor reason: if the stepper motor or servo motor make the machine not move in one direction, the screw can be turned by hand without moving.

5. Reason of human body itself: the parts of the machine with problems or loose surface impurities will also have dislocation imagination. For example, if loose coupling is broken, there will be dislocation, and the time on the track without cleaning oil screws will also have dislocation.

6. line engraving machine: this will happen if the machine breaks down. Properly handle advertising CNC engraving machine/CNC cutting machine router

Post time: Nov-08-2018