How to select a suitable CNC engraving machine

Step 1: determine the number of axes:

According to final working examples and budget shapes, select the number of shafts required for machining: 3 axles, 3 axles with rotating system, 4 axles or 5 axles CNC engraving machine.

Step 2 type selection:

According to different materials, select the appropriate type: wood engraving machine, stone carving machine, foam or EPS CNC router or advertising engraving machine.

Step 3. Determine the spindle power:

Spindle power is determined by the maximum cutting thickness and material hardness required.

Step 4: confirm the machine size:

The size of the machine can be determined by the material size (length, width and thickness) and the size of your workshop.

Step 5: confirm the machine function:

The function is actually determined by its structure. We have standard configurations for standard machines, which may be found in our product list. In addition, we can provide OEM machines to meet special requirements. Optional parts are the control system (Ncstudio, DSP or new generation control system), the main shaft (air or water cooled main shaft) and the motor (step motor or servo motor).

Step 6: select other options and configurations:

For example, the ATC (automatic tool changing system) function will satisfy this need for several cutting tool processing purposes. Dust collectors collect a lot of wood chips or environmental pollution to avoid other waste disposal. Cooling systems are necessary if the material is hard, such as aluminum and copper.

Please feel free to contact Longdiao technicians and select the appropriate CNC engraving machine for your production.

Post time: Nov-08-2018