How to choose a wood carving machine?

1. The properties of the material are cut

The material of the object is solid wood and wood composite cutting wood. Solid wood can be further divided into soft wood, hard wood and wood modification; Wood based composites, including veneer laminate, plywood, chipboard, directional chipboard, waffle board, gypsum chipboard, cement chipboard bonding, hardboard, MDF, fiberboard, backboard, plywood. Some wood or wood composites work on one or both sides of the veneer after finishing.

2. Cutting direction

Wood cutting, according to the leaf wood cutting wood fiber direction is divided into vertical and horizontal, side and longitudinal cutting ends, longitudinal and transverse ends.

3. Rotation direction and feed direction of wood carving and cutting tools

Determine the inclined direction of the blade on the tool, depending on the direction of rotation of the cutter shaft and the workpiece of feed.

4. Cutting tools and workpiece stability

In the process of cutting tools and workpieces from a number of aspects of stability, stability refers to the processing of wood workpieces in a stable non-skip feed. Measures to enhance stability of workpiece including reduction of gravity are adopted and the contact area is increased.

5. Quality requirements for machined surfaces

Wood surfaces include surface roughness, geometric shape and position accuracy.

Woodworking engraving machine

How to reduce the number of CNC wood engraving machine tool beating?

In this process, if the tool center is not consistent with the rotation center of the spindle of the woodworking engraving machine, the diameter of the tool will jump. To further understand what is normal speed should be a vertical line, if not in the same center will be a different taper, so machining accuracy and effectiveness will drop, and the tool will be easily broken. Let’s discuss how to reduce the cutter runout.

First of all, let’s be clear about the coordination between the tools, the chuck and the dried fruit, the tool’s position and means, and the quality of the engraving tool, all of which affect the beat of the tool itself. In this factor, we should note that the spring clamps and nuts should be clean and free of dust. Knife strength should be appropriate, too large and too little is bad. It is important to note that the extension length of the cutter should be small and very important. When it is necessary to note that the spindle speed is not required for very high quality materials, such as the speed of the copper spindle motor, we can choose a reasonable speed to reduce the radial runout.

Second, in the process of wood carving, how to reduce the radial runout.

The reason is that the radial cutting force intensifies the jitter, so subtracting the radial cutting force is an important principle to get the radial runout. Use sharp carving tools: cutting tools will reduce the reduction of radial cutting force, cutting force, so that the overall tool, thereby reducing the radial beating tools; A tool with smooth surface: a tool for machining, reducing friction and cutting force, thereby reducing radial runout; In fine machining, use reverse milling: just pay attention to this in fine machining.When conventional grinding is used, the cutting force is always in the direction of the cutter to the workpiece, so a more stable tool is produced. Then, using the strength of the woodworking machine tool, the strength of the sword can be increased through the milling cutterbar, 20% of the cutterbar diameter, which can be reduced by 50% under the radial cutting force of the same tool.

Post time: Nov-08-2018