Common trouble and problem analysis of engraving machine


Question 1: after opening the software, the computer prompts “cannot open the card, inquiry card prompts”.


1. Check whether the driver of the board card is installed, or change the board card into a PCI slot;

2. Reinstall the two data cables to check whether the needle is broken;

3. The problem of viacom card.

Problem 2: open software prompt: triaxial alarm, initialize error signal.


1. Check whether the two data cables of the computer and machine are properly connected;

2. Check whether the fuse of the switch board in the control box is burned, and replace the fuse;

Check whether the power supply is normal.

Problem 3: incorrect carving or size.


1. Check whether the path of engraving software is correct or not;

2. Check the gap size of the screw rod and whether the fastening screw of the polished rod is loose;

3. Check whether the software parameters are set correctly.

Problem 4: the spindle motor does not rotate or reverse.


1. Check the parameter Settings of frequency converter;

2. Check whether the signal line of frequency converter is connected inversely.

Problem 5: the phenomenon of throwing a knife appears.


1. Insufficient power of z-axis motor, loose coupling;

2. Too little current in Z axis drive, or wrong signal line connection

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Post time: Nov-08-2018