Classification of woodworking carving machines

Wood carving machine has many different types of market choice, according to the function can be divided into automatic tool changer carpenter woodworking engraving machine engraving machine and more process, there are four axis three-dimensional carved machine carved function, and general woodworking engraving machine derive single head, the head of a more independent, more drag head carving machine adopts gear drive XY, commonly used and the Z axis adopts screw transmission, woodworking engraving machine a few use complete screw driver.

This kind of wood engraving machine is mainly used for wood carving and carving, such as cutting wood board, hollowing, lace, embossing and other kinds of wood processing. The main factors of price difference of wood engraving machine are: control system, drive system, shaft type, frequency converter brand, guide, etc. Woodworking engraving machine, can be based on different configurations, different production processes, production of different materials, prices, and according to the size of the workpiece, CNC router prices are different. Want to buy good quality machine, good after-sale service and low price service is a problem, to what kind of machine, what kind of service is what kind of price. We say wood engraving is too general, from more than 10,000 to 100,000, hundreds of thousands, choose what type and woodworking engraving machine type, its advice to visit the factory and check the quality, price and after-sale service in advance.

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Below are photos of wood engraving machines sent to South Korea:








Post time: Nov-08-2018