• Common trouble and problem analysis of engraving machine

    Common trouble and problem analysis of engraving machine

    Question 1: after opening the software, the computer prompts “cannot open the card, inquiry card prompts”. Solution: 1. Check whether the driver of the board card is installed, or change the board card into a PCI slot; 2. Reinstall the two data cables to check whether the needle is b...
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  • What are the common failures of cnc router

    What are the common failures of cnc router

    1. O NE or triaxial not walking or not walking properly 1. Control whether it is loose or damaged. 2: drive shaft corresponding to defects. 3. Defects of corresponding shaft stepper motor. 4: the corresponding joint is broken or loose. 5: the corresponding screw nut cracked or became defective. 6...
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  • How to select a suitable CNC engraving machine

    Step 1: determine the number of axes: According to final working examples and budget shapes, select the number of shafts required for machining: 3 axles, 3 axles with rotating system, 4 axles or 5 axles CNC engraving machine. Step 2 type selection: According to different materials, select the app...
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  • Classification of woodworking carving machines

    Wood carving machine has many different types of market choice, according to the function can be divided into automatic tool changer carpenter woodworking engraving machine engraving machine and more process, there are four axis three-dimensional carved machine carved function, and general woodwo...
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  • How to choose a wood carving machine?

    1. The properties of the material are cut The material of the object is solid wood and wood composite cutting wood. Solid wood can be further divided into soft wood, hard wood and wood modification; Wood based composites, including veneer laminate, plywood, chipboard, directional chipboard, waffl...
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  • How to maintain wood engraving machine

    Who has used a wood engraving machine many people (woodworking engraving router) will generally think that there is no need to clean the CNC router, so it is clean, can be said that basically no control, in the appropriate time to clear the table on the line, why? Because they believe that the wo...
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  • Six reasons why a wood engraving machine is out of position

    Wood engraving machine The phenomenon when the carver carving machine is dislocated is common. There are many problems and many components involved, which is a difficult problem to solve. After years of practical experience, Longdiao summarized the following aspects for your reference: 1. Drivin...
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  • Correctly handle AD CNC engraving machine

    1. Knife, use gasoline or WD40 cleaner chuck and cap. 2. Clamp to the pressure cap, otherwise the tool is easy to install. If the chuck is not caught by the pressure inside the cap, the unloading clamp is clamped on the motor shaft and cannot be unloaded. 3. Pay attention to whether the chuck of...
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  • 2018 dragon carving mini character engraving machine attends

    Abstract: on May 8-10, 2018, at the 21st Beijing international advertising “sixin” exhibition held at sanyuanqiao old international exhibition in sanyuanqiao, Beijing, londiao digital control will present a high-end mini character engraving machining center on site. From May 8 to 10, ...
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  • How to solve the problem of the advertising engraving machin

    First, the advertising engraving machine spindle motor is hot: Solution: First check if the pump is working, and if you want to see if the circulating water is low.      Second, I feel that the motor has no strength and can’t turn: Solution: Check the circuit to check if the motor line is o...
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  • How to choose a carving machine

    First, the classification of engraving machine:     From the functional point of view, the computer engraving machine is divided into two categories: small power engraving machine and high power engraving machine.     The low-power engraving machine refers to an engraving machine with a small eng...
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  • March 2018 exhibition

    March 2018 exhibition

    When: March 9 to 11, 2018 venue: Shanghai national convention center pavilion Exhibitor: Beijing longdiao weiye digital control equipment co. LTD Exhibition models: cutting, punching metal (aluminum, stainless steel plate) engraving machine, automatic blade change to make mini word, acrylic free ...
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